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Your Powerful Solution for Cancer Research

Cancer Imaging for Translational Research

Characterize tumor tissue in vivo, non-invasively, detect lesions early, monitor tumor development and assess response to therapy!

Vevo for Oncology: A Longitudinal Study Workflow

For more information on the longitudinal study workflow, download our Vevo for Oncology document.

With Vevo cancer imaging technology for translational research, you can perform image-guided injections to create orthotopic tumors, conduct high-throughput screenings for tumor growth and detect and monitor growth and response of tumors to therapy at multiple time points in preclinical disease models all in vivo. Vevo technology allows you to assess tumor size and volume accurately. Add imaging the tumor microenvironment for changes in angiogenesis, hypoxia, molecular markers, and drug delivery and you have a powerful multi-modal platform for oncology research.

With the Vevo Imaging Systems you can:

Patient Derived Xenografts
B-Mode image (left) and 3D volume reconstruction (right) of the spleen, kidney, pancreas and orthotopic pancreatic tumor in a mouse.

Cancer imaging - Oxygen saturation in a mouse subcutaneous tumor

Oxygen saturation in a mouse subcutaneous tumor imaged using photoacoustics.

Bolus injection of non-targeted contrast agent to look at perfusion kinetics in a mouse bladder tumor.



(Left) B-Mode image-guided injection into a mouse tumor with injection and aspiration. This technique can be used for cancer model development.

Gain insights into various tumor models including:

  • Orthotopic pancreatic tumors 
  • Breast tumors
  • Prostate and ovarian cancer
  • Bladder tumors
  • Gliomas
  • Patient-dervied xenografts

View literature published using the Vevo systems for these models and others.

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