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Functional real-time brain imaging

See the Whole Mouse Brain in vivo and in Real-time

Visualize anatomy and functional processes for your small animal neuroscience research including stroke, cancer and in vivo delivery of drugs, stem cells, or other agents.

There are many neuroimaging techniques for preclinical studies, however these can suffer from limitations in resolution, insufficient depth, the use of ionizing radiation or expense.  High frequency ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging circumvents these limitations by offering a non-invasive, real-time high resolution technique which is capable of assessing many neurologically relevant parameters in 2D and 3D such as:

In addition, the Vevo BRAIN stereotactic frame and neuroanatomical atlas facilitates mouse brain imaging for increased ease-of-use and reproducibility.

See Resources tab to view webinars on ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging of the mouse brain and explore neurobiology applications such as:

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