Ischemia / Reperfusion

Investigate tissue ischemia in vivo and in real time

Study Tissue Ischemia and Blood Reperfusion in Real Time!

Obtain dynamic measurements of oxygen saturation and vascular reperfusion in your disease model.

Tissue ischemia, as well as blood reperfusion in ischemic organs, can be investigated in vivo and in real-time with the Vevo LAZR-X system. The physiological and biochemical changes induced in the affected tissue or organ hold important clinical relevance in studies of disease and development of therapeutics.

Features include:

Acute ischemia induced in mouse hindlimb with a tourniquet showing oxygen saturation during ischemia and post-reperfusion

Mouse hindlimb with tourniquet
Mouse hindlimb with tourniquet

Mouse hindlimb during ischemia
Acute ischemia

Mouse hindlimb post-reperfusion

Use a Vevo System for:

  • Femoral Artery Ligation models
  • Peripheral Artery Disease assessment
  • Ischemic Bowel Disease (Ischaemic Colitis)
  • Myocardial infarct 
  • Stroke studies
  • Wound healing and tissue injury

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