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Vevo 1100

Introducing the perfect balance between flexibility and affordability



High-frequency ultrasound, designed for preclinical cardiac researchers

The Vevo® 1100 imaging system is VisualSonics' new entry-level high-frequency ultrasound system designed to perform quick cardiovascular studies and to meet your research and budgetary needs.

Discover how the Vevo 1100 gives you the resolution you need

Vevo 1100 offers real-time, in vivo physiological information that contributes to understanding the function of the left and right sides of the heart. Its software is intuitive and allows quick calculations of ejection fraction, fractional shortening and cardiac output. In addition, with resolution down to 30 µm, you can see intima media thickness and quantify vascular and valvular diseases.


The unique configuration of the Vevo 1100 consists of the following software packages:

Key Quantification Modes required for a full cardiovascular exam

Quantification Packages for fast and simple calculations

  • LV trace
  • Cardio-specific measurements and calculations

Additional options include:

  • Animal Handling Accessories for physiological monitoring and animal positioning
    • Includes ECG, heart rate, respiration and temperature displays
  • Simple Vevo Imaging Station for stabilization of the transducer
  • Leasing options available

Leading Research

Cardiovascular researchers today know the importance of using in vivo imaging to better understand and quantify diseases such as myocardial infarcts, coronary disease, diabetes, diastolic dysfunction and atherosclerosis. The benefits of using ultrasound for pre-clinical research have been proven over the last 10 years in over 1000 scientific publications. 

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