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Grants and Funding


Did you know Peer Reviewed Funding Opportunities for your research?

The following are a list of recent grants made available in European Union to support instrumentation and/or application development and research areas.


Jurisdiction Due Date Grant Body Grant Name
Netherlands April 10, 2013 American Association for Cancer Research Sta Op Tegen Kanker Dream Team Translational Cancer Research Grant
EU Nov 22, 2012 European Research Council ERC Advanced Investigators Grant
EU Oct 17, 2012 European Research Council ERC Starting Grant
EU Sep 30, 2012 Special Research Programs (SFB) Special Research Programs (SFB)
Netherlands Aug 30, 2012 Investment Subsidy NWO Medium Investment Subsidy NWO Medium
EU March 14, 2012 European Commission ERC Advanced Investigators Grant
UK March 8 Cancer Research UK Stratified Medicine Programme: Technology Hubs
UK March 9 Cancer Research UK Biomarkers & Imaging Discovery & Development Project Grants
Pan European March 10 ERC Advanced Grant 2011
UK March 11 Cancer Research UK Biological Sciences Committee (BSC) Project Grants
Luxembourg March 11 National Research Fund (FNR) CORE Programme
UK April 1 Wellcome Trust Senior investigators - Round 2
UK April 1 Wellcome Trust Junior investigators - Round 2
Switzerland April 1 Swiss national science foundation Projects – Investigator-Driven Research
UK April 1 Cancer Research UK NAEDI Research Call 2
UK April 8 Cancer Research UK Marie Curie Cancer Care Research Programme
UK April 15 Cancer Research UK Feasibility Study Project Grants
UK April 18 Cancer Research UK New Agents Committee Trials Funding
Pan European May 1 EUROCORES Theme proposals
UK May 9 Cancer Research UK Discovery Committee Grants
UK May 18 Medical Research Council Molecular and Cellular Medicine
UK June 1 Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery - Round2
UK June 1 Medical Research Council Infections and Immunity
UK June 8 Medical Research Council Population and Systems Medicine Board
UK June 22 Medical Research Council Neurosciences and Mental Health
Pan European July 11 ERC ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant
UK July 11 Wellcome Trust Translational Research - Round 2
France April 23 VADS PAIR Integrated Action Programme for Research - Cancers of the upper aero-digestive tract
UK Spring Cancer Research UK Several
Germany Throughout the year Deutsche Forschungsgemeindschaft Research Grants
Germany Throughout the year BMBF Basic Research
Switzerland Throughout the year Cancer League Switzerland Cancer Research
Austria Throughout the year FWF Austrian Science Fund Stand-alone Projects