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Contrast Imaging Agents

Vevo MicroMarker Contrast Agents is a major breakthrough in contrast–enhanced and molecular imaging

Vevo MicroMarker® Contrast Agents represent a breakthrough in contrast–enhanced and molecular imaging. The utility of the Vevo® 2100 and Vevo 770 Imaging Systems is extended to include perfusion studies, visualization of intricate anatomy and microvasculature, the ability to target and quantify molecular biomarkers of disease in vivo. With easy-to-use Vevo MicroMarker kits and protocols, dedicated applications support, and a rapidly growing scientific base, the Vevo Imaging Systems with Vevo MicroMarker Contrast Agents represent a new standard for molecular imaging.

There are three Vevo MicroMarker application-specific kits available for contrast-enhanced and molecular imaging:
Vevo MicroMarker Non-Targeted Contrast Agent Kit: For Tissue Enhancement, Perfusion and Microcirculation Applications
Vevo MicroMarker Target-Ready Contrast Agent Kit: For Performing Targeted Molecular Applications to Quantify Biomarker Expression


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Vevo MicroMarker Kits are designed and manufactured exclusively for VisualSonics by the Bracco Group, one of the largest manufacturers of diagnostic contrast agents globally, in their state-of-the art GLP/GMP facility in Geneva, Switzerland. This ensures the highest standards of manufacturing quality and reagent consistency and, consequently, reproducibility in one’s experiments.