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Image-Guided Injection

Because of its high-resolution imaging and the ability to provide real-time visualization, the Vevo system can guide injections of cells, drugs, genetic material or metabolic agents into developing small animal embryos as early as embryonic day 5. Also, the system allows visualization and needle guidance into adult murine models to include but not be limited to: Cardiovascular system (myocardium or ventricles), Liver, Kidney, Placenta and the Spleen. The system can also be used for extraction procedures.


Image-Guided Injection into mouse myocardium using a 30G needle. Imaged using B-Mode on Vevo 2100 system.


Image-Guided Injection - Injection into the fourth ventricle of an externalized E12 embryo using a pulled glass capillary. Imaged using B-Mode on Vevo 770 system.

Visualize placement of needle tip without surgical techniques: Due to the real-time capabilities of the system, interventional procedures can be performed and monitored without surgical intervention allowing for increased survival rates for longitudinal studies and decreasing risk of infection (in newborn and adult rodents)  

Modify embryonic phenotypes by precisely injecting into anatomy: In addition, the phenotype can be observed and quantified in vivo longitudinally.

Easy to learn and obtain results: The Vevo software is simple to use so that researchers can maximize their time performing post-imaging analysis. User friendly offline software is available to analyze all data.  In addition, several on-line tutorials and protocols are available to allow researchers to learn quickly, analyze their data and obtain results.